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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Surrendering Satan

A good friend shared something with me recently that really helped to open my eyes to my sin.

I have this friend that has grown up a missionary in third world countries. His childhood was centered in missions and his marriage has been spent in missions also. He and his wife just returned to the states after 20 years in Bolivia. They are amazing wonderful people and I love them. They have devoted their lives to the Lord and building a great relationship with him. As well as teaching others about him.

They have shared these crazy (I feel they are crazy scary) stories with me of how Satan shows himself in these places. They say it is very different here than it is there. There it is very obvious, possessions, men being able to do things that aren't humanly possible like jump from 3rd floor roof tops, things of this nature. Very scary stuff. He tells me how unfortunately he has developed the ability to feel Satan's presence when he is in it. Like in these obvious situations and sometime in less obvious situations when his presence is strong. Anyway, he tells me about how they feel Satan's presence shows itself in less obvious ways here. Like; TV, music, child abuse, mental illness and such.

I think this is really interesting. If you can detach yourself from your personal likes and dislikes on the subject of music and such you can totally see how having an influence over this industry could help Satan to win over more and more people. When you surround yourself with something good or bad you will feel the effects of it, good or bad.