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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where Is He taking me?

      I think most disciples of Christ can agree that God is always teaching us something. Sometimes it is little lessons, and when I say 'little' I mean we learned them easily and quickly. Sometimes they are big lessons, meaning they took us a long time to learn and they were well not so easy! So far I've only posted the bigger ones. I really want to post the smaller ones too.

       A friend recently shared with me that she is inspired by God when she reads scripture I post on Facebook. So, I'm thinking if God uses these little lessons he is giving me to talk to other people how can I not share what he gives me? Is that not what a disciple should do?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Breech Story

      I am currently 39 weeks pregnant with a breech baby and I'm planning a home birth. This will be my second home birth (God willing!) and I could NOT be more excited! I'm at peace with the location, the action, the people involved and our current financial situation. Now, to tell the story of how I became so calm and relaxed about all this. Rest assured it was a bit of a rocky road to get to this point!

      Like I said this is our 2nd home birth, and third baby. So giving birth is something, thanks to HypnoBirthing, and chiropractic well care, I'm already very excited about. I really do just crave it! However I've never had a breech baby. I know what most are thinking. A breech baby? "how do you do that outside a hospital?". Well it's simple. You labor like you would a Vertex baby, I'm guessing the normal amount of hours what ever that is for you and your baby, then the tricky part comes in, you allow your body to push the baby out. And guess what folks? It does! Really just that simple.

OK OK, yes I'm being a little sarcastic. Sorry, I am 39 weeks pregnant, sarcasm is my middle name.