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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Breech Birth of Annaka Faith

Shanea and Shane helping me through a surge
      This birth starts at 6:30am Sunday morning. I am laying in bed feeling each surge come and go, thinking "these feel different?". I eventually get up and start getting ready for church stopping every 10-15 mins to breath through a surge. I get the girls and hubby up and start getting them around, make breakfast and have a cup of joe. Sit down in the living room and watch the girls play, waiting for time to go before we leave for church. Thinking as I sit there, "these feel different?". I share this thought with Shane and we go about our day joking about having a labor day baby. On the inside I'm thinking "If I have to go through another day of labor and have no baby I'm liable to completely lose my mind!".

      We get to church and our youth pastor is giving a sermon about "Facing Your Giants"; a fantastic sermon. However good, I really didn't expect it would hit me like it did. At the end, while Burnie is praying and I am going through another very different and strong surge, I start balling me eyes out. Shane starts holding me closely and I just cried, he's looking at me very confused and I'm now thoroughly embarrassed so I excuse myself to the restroom. But alas when I cry I tend to get extremely red faced and swollen so I can't hide it! This sermon made me realize I am facing my giant! It's making me realize that I can't give up and get frustrated, I have to wait on God's perfect timing! This gives me strength and more patience for the day I felt sure was going to be another day of labor and no baby.