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Saturday, September 10, 2011

On this Day...........

       On this day the eleventh day of September, four years ago I sat on the balcony of our hotel overlooking the ocean at 6am watching a family of dolphins jump and play in peace and love as the sun rose over the horizon. At that moment I knew I could not question the beauty that exists on this earth. I accepted Jesus as my savior and began walking with the Lord. A day I will always remember, not only because I committed myself to beginning a relationship with my Father in Heaven and loving His Son Jesus Christ. Also, because it was the day I made my public legal profession of love to my sweet husband. We came together as husband and wife for the masses and for our hearts. I regret only one thing from that amazing day.

       I regret that I did not scream from the roof tops the part God played in it all. I regret that I did not give Him, my Father in Heaven, All the glory. So today I am giving Him that glory. The last 31 years of my life, and the last eight years of this amazing ride with Shane are His and His alone. Thank you Jesus for loving me so much that you would die for my sin, that you would give me such a gift as my sweet husband. You would gift me a leader that I love so much. My heart screams in adoration of your amazing will in my life. Thank you Jesus for all the ways you have loved me. I pray my life is a direct reflection of that love.

       On this day eight years ago was only the beginning of this amazing realization. On this day at eight o'clock at night eight years ago were the first moments I lay eyes on Shane. That night we met after weeks of talking over the phone and through emails. It  was a magical six hours full of laughing, agreeing, starring and falling madly in love. I remember very little of past events most days but that night is forever burned in my memory. The day I met and married with heart and soul the man God gifted to me to lead and love me for the rest of my life. Praise the Lord for such an amazing man.

Taken two weeks after we met, in our apartment. I couldn't have been more happy than I was the day I met Shane. I love you so much honey. I praise God for you every day! I know his love because of you!
Happy Anniversary

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