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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Recently Shanea has gotten a double "eye infection". I use this term loosely, as I am not really sure that is what you'd call it. I feel pretty confident in saying it's not pink eye, but it's definitely something not so good. Red eyes, gunkie stuff coming out of both eyes and she is all congested and coughing a good bit.

I did some research and we are using a homemade herbal eye drop (sterilized water, with chamomile drops and belladonna drops diluted) that really seems to be relieving any discomfort, but not drawing the infection out. We purchased some colloidal silver, which is a great natural herbal remedy that fights bacteria and viruses. It can be ingested so I know it's safe for her little body. We are hoping this will do the trick. My next move tomorrow morning I've yet to share with her is egg whites. A sweet friend of mine found this remedy in her "bible" of homeopath remedy's.

The best part of all this is how she is really being a trooper about the eye drops, the warm compresses and having to keep herself very sterile, so she doesn't pass it to anyone. Poor baby has washed her hands so many times they are starting to dry out! Thank goodness for my lotion!

I have openly prayed for Shanea's eyes with her and on my own. She really responds to knowing God is working on it! She knows he will heal her; it's only a matter of waiting. I love that she is so trusting and patient for him. We are really blessed in her as a first child. I can't imagine a better role model for our future kiddos.

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  1. We have used the above remedies (and prayer) on eye infections successfully! So glad she is better!