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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

God answers our paryers

When I decided I wanted to do this blog my sweet friend, Michelle, showed me a few "tricks" or really pieces of advice about blogging. Like for one, let a post sit a digest a few days before posting. I'm thinking "that's great advice, I always speak before I really think it through!". So then I sit down get the site all ready, start typing a post, finish it, read over it several times and say, "this is exactly what I want to say I'm posting it!". I really felt like this is good, so no problem right?

Well, the post was about Shanea's eye and how it hadn't healed in 4 days and the different remedies we were trying, and of course "My plan" for the days ahead to try and make it better. I do that a lot, concoct a Plan to fix something. Forgetting it's never My plan to begin with. It's all in his hands! If I could just get this patience thing down! My husband says frequently that I am an instant gratification girl, now now now!

We wake this morning to two things that prove to me it is God's plan not mine. First off, I had the colloidal silver overnighted from (great place!) and of course the only thing that didn't make the shipment was the colloidal silver! Seriously frustrated. I look at Shanea's eye and wouldn't you know it after several long prayers yesterday he healed completely! It was looking so yuck yesterday and I was seriously thinking I would have to set up an eye appt and God stepped in and did his magic! Shanea says to me this morning "You did pray a lot yesterday mommy and it only took God 4 days!". She is so funny. My 5 year old has more faith sometimes than I do! Love it!

Lesson: (I seem to have to be taught this particular lesson a lot!)
Let God work. Have the patience to know he is doing his thing and your prayers will be answered in some fashion. So it boils down to patience, and FAITH!
" will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?" Romans 8:32

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  1. Love it!! God is so good!! (and the blog looks great!)